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Hazel Wiegel was born in September of 1911, the same year babies were born elsewhere in the country who would go on to grace the silver screen as Roy Rogers, Lucille Ball and Ronald Reagan.

Halfway around the world, an uprising led to a revolution where women went into battle wearing men's clothes and wielding homemade bombs. Their success led to the founding of the Republic of China and marked the decline of practices such as foot binding and selling women into marriage.

Meanwhile, Hazel was born in rural Maine as one of 16 children. She describes her parents as good, hard working people and has fond memories of times shared with her many siblings. Hazel went on to spend most of her adult life in Portsmouth as the wife of a Naval officer. She has lived at Edgewood since 1992 and says the secret to living to 100 is just not to think too much about it. Hazel still makes her own dresses by hand and wins, routinely, at 500 Rummy.

Her birthday celebration was a riot of color - bouquets of flowers, fistfulls of balloons and a huge cake. Diane Charmaine, a local performer who has known Hazel for years, played piano and sang. Hazel had lunch from the Olive Garden, her favorite, and was joined by her friends and her family at the party. Reporters and photographers from the local newspaper were on hand, as well, snapping photos and quizzing her on the secrets of aging well. Hazel reported that it comes down to one thing - gratitude. "I'm grateful for my family," Hazel said,  "Plain and simple."

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