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Ever wondered how some kids can be hungry and overweight at the same time? Although there’s enough food in the state, too many children can’t access it – either because their families can't afford nutritious foods or because they live in areas where nutritious food isn't close by. Some families turn to less expensive foods that are also less nutritious. A packet of potato chips doesn't cost much and it's easy to find but it also doesn't provide much nutrition. 

So what ARE the stats for hunger in New Hampshire?

  1. One of every four cities and towns is at high risk for food insecurity.
  2. More than one in five households with children experience food insecurity.
  3. More than 140,000 people turn to emergency sources like food pantries to eat. That number has more than doubled in the last six years.
  4. Hunger and poor nutrition damage children’s bodies and minds and compromise their ability to learn and succeed. 

Concerned and eager to help? Join Edgewood for this month's food drive. Grab a shopping bag and fill it with non-perishable and nutritious foods and drop them off in the collection bins at the front door and in each of Edgewood's three communities. We'll take care of getting it to those in the greater Seacoast community who are hungry.

Thanks for helping us make a difference for our neighbors - we want to see everyone healthy and well-fed.


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