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 Last month family members of residents in Edgewood's South community were invited to gather for a rountable discussion on what families value in the current dementia care program and what changes they would like to see. Participants spoke about the professionalism of the staff as well as their patience and compassion. Wives and husbands & sons and daughters expressed gratitude for the way staff value their opinions and make them feel welcomed as part of the community.

Families also shared ideas for how to make the community run even more smoothly. At their suggestion, a water and ice machine was added to the kitchen and a new dementia library was created in the social services department for the use of all. Communication was raised as a concern, particularly when passing information from person to person, and a desire was voiced to have mealtimes run more smoothly. The feedback was constructive and helpful and spurred energetic brainstorming sessions on how to make the environment for those with dementia as reassuring and rewarding as any life should be. Perhaps most significant was the final comment from families, "We feel so lucky that the people we love are living here at Edgewood with staff so invested in making sure they are safe and loved and happy."

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