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If nothing else, reading the "Kisses and Disses" section reminds us all that there are loads of kind strangers out there who do things just because it's right. That, in itself, helps us all feel part of something good and perhaps inspires us to pay the toll for the car behind us or mow the lawn of the older widow next door...just because.

This week, Hilda Thomas, a long time Edgewood resident died; the "kiss" in the newspaper was from her family. They wanted to express to the staff how much it meant that Hilda was treated with unfailing compassion, palpable caring and friendship. Not a chore or a task or someone to be overlooked; but a peer, a mentor, and a source of joy. Certainly I'd love to have you help my cat across the street or put money in my parking meter but I hope when I am quite old there are people like that out there who will love nothing more than to spend time with me. Hats off to the staff, who so often model for us all what's really important.

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