There's Nothing Like a Good War...or a War for Good

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At times we get caught up in the day to day events and tasks of our lives and find it hard to look up and gain perspective on what's really important. Into this mix comes a rallying point - a common good for everyone to want to be a part of and suddenly the communities come together...and come alive. This month's Penny Wars were just such as event at Edgewood.

Staff and residents in all three communities competed against each other to raise as much cash as possible for the charity of their choice. Donated pennies counted in the plus column but all other coins and dollars worked against the total - a rule that led to many secret forays to the money jars of other teams to sabotage their totals. Alliances were forged and broken, rumors abounded, and the energy was delightfully high. Over only five days, $1682.31 was raised and a check was written to the winning community's favorite charity - the Hampton Free Clinic. With the money, which represented the clinic's largest single donation ever, the staff will provide free medical care, lab work, and prescriptions to seacoast residents who would otherwise have been unable to take care of their health. It all started with a war, a penny war, but the battle was to see who could help others the most...with eyes and hearts open.

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