Our Story

The Edgewood Center's philosophy of resident-directed care

As an independent, senior care and rehab facility, everything we do and each decision we make are for our residents.

As a family-owned, senior care and rehab facility, our mission is to provide resident-driven care. That’s been our philosophy since 1972 when the facility was built by the Ramsey family.

Caring for your family in a home-like environment is what we’re truly all about. We carefully select and screen prospective staff members to make sure that we’ve assembled a team of managers and caregivers who strongly support our service standards and believe that nothing less than the best will do.

"We are proud of our long history of providing exceptional care and staff. We are equally proud of our reputation as a leader in culture change – modeling for others how comfortable, and dignified, a resident-driven facility can be."
- Patty Ramsey
NHA President and Owner of The Edgewood Center

A note from Patty

As the owner of the facility, I take our mission seriously. I’m not just the owner, but a family member as well – my mother and grandparents were also Edgewood residents.

I’ve had the privilege of being directly involved in the overall operation and ownership of the facility since 1985. I feel privileged to be a part of the lives of our inspiring residents and our selfless caregivers who are all a part of the Edgewood family.

I look forward to the honor of welcoming you to our home.

With warm regards,


The Edgewood Center difference is based on our reputation and mission to meet the full spectrum of needs for each resident in our care.