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As you know, the entire world continues to struggle with the coronavirus pandemic.  For our world here at Edgewood, we have needed to put specific prevention and mitigation measures in place to prevent the virus from entering and spreading throughout our building.  Some of these measures, while critical infection control procedures, are contrary to the Edgewood Center’s normal operating procedures, however, we feel these are necessary for the health and safety of our residents as well as our staff members.  We ask for your patience as we must strictly adhere to the procedures we have put in place.  Specifically,

  • MASKS ARE REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES ON OUR PREMISES Therefore, please don your mask prior to exiting your vehicle whether you are here to drop something off or for a window visit.
  • Visitation: On March 10, 2020 we suspended all visitation at the Edgewood Center.  Since then, when approved by the state of NH Department of Public Health and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, there have been periods of time when we have been able to host limited social visitation, primarily in outside locations.  At this point, due to the increase in community spread within our county, all in-person visits have been suspended indefinitely.
  • Window Visits: Each resident room number is noted on the room window so that family and friends may easily find their loved one’s room. With the weather in New England being unpredictable, there have been times that we have needed to suspend the “at the room” window visits due to ice and snow.  Please refer to our homepage daily for an update as to our window visit status.
  • Deliveries: We accept routine deliveries made through USPS, FEDEX, UPS, and Amazon.  Deliveries of all other items should be made in our “drop-off” bin located in the back parking lot.  Family and friends are invited to drop off items for your loved one in this location.  An Edgewood staff member will retrieve these items once daily and deliver them to your loved one. We do not accept flower deliveries.  This is because we need to limit the number of people coming to our front door.
  • Items to be picked up: If you have items that your loved one wants you to pick up here, we have a “pick-up bin” located in the back parking lot. Items that need to be picked up are brought to the bin once daily between 3:00-3:30 pm.
  • Perishable Food Items: We welcome you to deliver perishable food items to your loved one between 4:00-4:30 daily to the cart located in the back parking lot by our playground area. Our food service department will retrieve the items, make sure they are in accordance with your loved one’s diet and deliver them with the evening meal – either as the main course or for something to enjoy later.

Regular updates are provided via email to residents, family members and friends.

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