Find out what makes us unique and learn about our resident-driven care model from our frequently asked questions about senior care below.

Facility and care questions

A nursing home or nursing facility such as the Edgewood Center provides 24 hour nursing care, rehabilitation services and assistance with activities of daily living to those who are chronically ill or who have been hospitalized and require short-term rehabilitation or transitional care before returning home. This type of nursing facility is typically referred to as a skilled nursing facility and participates in the Medicare program. For information on choosing a nursing home, read our recent blog post, “How to Choose a Long Term Care Facility.”

A residential care or assisted living facility provides a less intense level of care. These facilities provide supervision for people who need some assistance with activities of daily living but do not require continual nursing or medical care. Typically, there are fewer services available than at the nursing home or skilled nursing level of care.

The Edgewood Center is a family owned facility and has been for over 30 years. Patty Ramsey, the owner, is on-site every day and embodies a hands-on approach to nursing home care. She works directly with families and prides herself on a personal relationship with each and every resident in our care.

Edgewood is, for many people, a refreshing change from the world of large corporate health facilities. It is a caring, friendly place where people know your name and welcome you home when you walk through the door.

In a resident-driven care model (often referred to as culture change) skilled facilities like Edgewood create more home-like, resident-centered environments where decisions are made and care is determined by the residents themselves. Residents may eat when they like, bathe or shower per their preference and determine their own schedules, just like at home.

Edgewood was honored to be chosen by the PHI as the one and only New Hampshire facility profiled for the promotion of culture change. The case study “The Business of Caregiving” includes information on the community structure, staff incentives, communication training programs and resident decision-making.

On-site medical services are provided three times per week in combination between the facility medical director and nurse practitioner.

In addition to on-site physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and nutritional therapy, the Edgewood Center offers on-site podiatry, optometry, audiology and dermatology, as well as psychological services. 

Dental services are provided by our contracted dentist and his dental hygienist. They are in the facility four times each month.

A beauty salon and barber shop are on-site, providing residents with haircut, color and style services. Edgewood staff takes care of assisting residents to and from the salon.

Edgewood’s wellness team provides Reiki, paraffin hand treatments, massage and other holistic services to residents, families and staff. The difference these caring treatments make in the overall health and well-being of everyone is nothing short of remarkable.

Once a new resident arrives at Edgewood, a member of the nutrition team meets with him or her to discuss special dietary requirements, allergies and specific food preferences.

Dining staff at Edgewood pride themselves not only on creating delicious daily meals but the ability to cater to any resident’s specific needs. A nutritionist is on staff to ensure that residents on specialized diets and residents requiring tube feeding receive the care and attention they need.

One of the many things that set Edgewood apart is the facility’s open-door policy regarding family meals. Residents are welcome to have family join them for any meal any time and there is never any charge for guests. We believe that food tastes better when shared with those we love.

At the Edgewood Centre, we recognize that sharing holiday meals and celebrations with family is important for people. Throughout the year, residents invite their loved ones to join them for special family feasts and holiday celebrations.

Edgewood provides a delicious array of seasonal favorites and 5-star service all at no cost whatsoever.

Medicare and Medicaid questions

Yes, The Edgewood Center is certified. Learn more about paying for care.

The Edgewood Center is a licensed long-term care facility and is dually certified for Medicare and Medicaid.

Edgewood is Medicare certified and provides skilled rehabilitation and sub-acute care for individuals who are recuperating from an illness or recovering from surgery.

Long term care insurance, private funds and Medicaid are accepted as sources of payment at The Edgewood Center for long-term residential care.

Edgewood also works with most managed care and commercial insurance programs, including Anthem Blue Cross, Banker’s Life, Tricare for Life.

Rehab questions

The Edgewood Center provides an intensive program for residents requiring skilled or short stay rehab, staffed with an on-site team of physical, occupational, speech and nutritional therapists.

Residents can rest assured that in Edgewood’s skilled rehab program, an interdisciplinary team of nursing, rehab and discharge planning professionals are focused on supporting your goals to regain your health and return home safely. For further information about Edgewood’s skilled rehabilitation program, please contact our admissions team at (603) 766-2310 or email [email protected].

Career questions

If you’ve always dreamed of becoming an LNA but could never afford the cost of the program, come join our team and we will pay your LNA program costs and also pay you wages while you are doing the clinical hours of the program. Learn more about our LNA Training Program. 

We believe that by taking care of our employees, we can better care for our residents, which is why we are advocates for work-life-balance and flexible scheduling. We offer full-time, part-time and per-diem hours.

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