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Frank’s story

Frank Crider: Giving More, For All the Right Reasons

Our promise that, no matter what, we always go the extra mile is part of what makes up the Edgewood difference. Take the example of Frank Crider, for instance.

Frank had been a practicing doctor for half a century when a debilitating stroke left him in a wheelchair and dependent on supplemental care. Despite severe physical limitations, Frank’s mind remained sharp. Prompted by an Edgewood staff person’s question, “What would you do if you could do anything?” Frank responded that he would like to attend the 55th reunion of his alma mater, the National College of Chiropractice in Chicago. He wanted to see former colleagues and hear first-hand what was new in the profession he loved so much.

Edgewood teamed up with the Ageless Dreamer Foundation to make Frank’s dream a reality but soon hit a roadblock.

The airlines refused Ageless Dreamer’s request to fly Frank to Chicago, but Frank’s social worker wasn’t about to let anything come between Frank and his dream. She continued making calls until she convinced Southwest Airlines to fly Frank there and ensure his comfort while on board. Two Licensed Nursing Assistants from Edgewood flew to Chicago with Frank and provided his care while there.

Frank was at his reunion in a suit and tie with a new set of business cards in hand. At the conference, he was fascinated to learn about new research and techniques in his profession.

In Chicago, Frank was not a stroke victim or a nursing home resident or an old man. He was Dr. Crider; amongst his peers, learning new things, reconnecting with old friends.

Frank’s story is just one of many in the Edgewood archives. We’re proud to be a place where life is for living…every glorious moment of it.

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