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Meet Ali Nesman, Life Enrichment Specialist

My name is Ali Nesman, and I have been working at the Edgewood Center for 9 years. In my first 5 years here I was an LNA working the 7:00 am-3:00 pm shift on West Wing.

I moved into the Activities Department 4 years ago and took on the role of South Wing Activities Coordinator. My first interest in nursing homes came from my Mom, who had been an LNA – later on becoming an MNA. My Mom would take my siblings and me into the nursing home she worked at often, and we would volunteer and participate in annual social events and activities with residents. When I was old enough to start working, I started my first job there as a Unit Aide – which would be the equivalent of a Staff Assist. I eventually became an LNA. When I moved to the Dover area I toured many nursing homes but Edgewood really stuck out to me. Here’s why:

  1. It felt like someone’s home.  During my tour, there was a resident playing the piano with their family members and other residents gathering around.
  2. There were lots of smiling staff all shaking my hand and introducing themselves. I noticed on their name tags that many of them had been working at Edgewood for 10+ years.
  3. It was made known that upper management was at Edgewood daily and often helped on the floor and had their LNA licenses. This is something I had never heard of before and really made Edgewood stand out.  It felt like a place where everyone worked toward one common goal: happiness and quality care for the residents.

I still find these things to be true even on the most hectic of days. It’s obvious that many employees have become like family for each other, something I’ve seen throughout all departments.   We are able to lean on each other and continue to care for the residents as if they are also part of this great big Edgewood family.

A few years ago, my now Husband was looking into a job opportunity in another state, something that would uproot me from this company.  After considerable thought, we decided my career here at Edgewood was too important, and decided to stay.  We recently just bought our first home together in Rollinsford!  My hope is that staff here at Edgewood can continue to work together and maintain a positive environment for each other and our residents and that every new person that walks through our doors may have the similar feeling that I did when I toured Edgewood 9 years ago.